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Are you up to date with all the horrors in the corporate world?

Tough to keep up with, considering the number of various frauds and schemes that are occurring on a seemingly regular basis, isn’t it?

Well, this blog is essentially a medium for you to stay up-to-date with these corporate frauds.

In our pursuit, we have found that the awareness on these issues is minimal in many people. Spreading awareness via this blog is our goal, and we hope to educate as many people, regarding these issues, as possible.

We hope that the crimes aren’t ignored and proper punishments are issued.

The money involved usually ends up missing. These criminals don’t pay up. This money can be used for so many economic and urban developments.

Education, Food and Health for all can become a REALITY!

Just think about it.

We appreciate your valuable opinions in the comments section and do keep reading. We’ll be posting regularly (too many frauds, you see).

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